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There are more reasons to get your hands on the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers than you might expect. Read on and learn more here.

Are you searching for sneakers that have stood the test of time? If so, then look no further than the Nike Air Max 97

If a shoe has managed to maintain its popularity and style status for 25 years, then you know it’s a solid bet. These kicks have delivered for decades, and they only get better with time. 

Not sure if they’re worth the investment? Today, we’re breaking down five of the top reasons why these should be the next addition to your growing collection of classic Nike sneakers. 


Above all, the Air Max 97 is built to be a running shoe. That’s why it’s supremely comfortable and plush, but with plenty of built-in traction to enhance your performance on the track or asphalt. 

Yet, one of the best things about most Nike sneakers is that they can be worn both on and off the road. Yes, they give you the support and bounce that you need to beat your personal best record as you train. However, they’re equally comfy when worn around town.

This is due to the foam midsole, which adds both stability and comfort to each shoe. With these features, you can also rock your Air Max shoes at the gym! Anywhere you want to look great and feel your best, these are the kicks to slide on your feet.


Next, let’s talk about the Air Max 97 design. These are undeniably bold shoes, featuring a wavy pattern that’s as eye-catching as it is fashion-forward. While there are many different colorways to choose from, the basic shape of these sneakers has remained relatively unchanged since their debut in the glorious 1990s. 

On the side panels, you’ll find the iconic Nike Swoosh, clearly visible and easy to spot. You’ll also see the transparent Nike Air cushioning, which gives these shoes their sporty look and supportive feel.

Want to really make a style statement? Look for some of the more vibrant Air Max 97 designs, such as the Air Sprung style. Not only do these sneakers feature bright yellow, sky blue, and maroon colors, but they also feature other fun touches. These include a unique Air Sprung logo as well as a hidden mushroom icon on the bottom of the sole, and caterpillar and butterfly icons on the tongue and midfoot. 

If you’d rather go with something a little simpler, you can always stick to a solid-colored design that’s anything but basic. The Nike Air Max 97 White is one popular pick, featuring a pure-white colorway with intricate stitching and slightly contrasting tones throughout. 


Forget wrangling with complicated laces. These Air Max shoes feature a simple pull tab on the heel and tongue, allowing you to easily slide them on when you’re ready to wear them. 

You can pull the laces slightly to make the shoes fit perfectly on your feet. Then, you’re ready to walk out the door! While there are plenty of Nike kicks that allow you to get creative with your lacing technique, these are refreshingly simple and straightforward. 

When you’re on your way out the door and juggling a million things in your arms, you’ll appreciate the fact that you only need one hand to slide on your new favorite pair of sneakers. Plus, they’re just as easy to kick off at the end of the day!


Nike has long been known as a brand that doesn’t scrimp. In all of their sneaker lines, you’ll find top-quality materials that are built to last. The Air Max 97 is definitely no exception. 

The top of each shoe features a luxurious leather canvas, which is sturdy and strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear. Inside of the shoe, the quality continues with a sweat-waffled internal lining, designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. 

Within the inner bootie, there are mesh panels woven into the lining, strategically placed where your feet are bound to overheat the most. Not only does this help you feel better as you walk or run, but it also extends the lifespan of your sneakers and keeps them smelling fresh. When you don’t have to wash them or air them out every few days due to excessive sweat, you can preserve the materials and use them for longer.


Yes, the Air Max 97s are versatile enough to take you from the house to the gym to the track. However, we can’t deny the fact that these shoes are built for speed. In fact, original designer Christian Tresser cites the style and speed of Japanese bullet trains as one of his main inspirations when creating the shoe!

What makes them work so well? For one, they’re minimalistic, which aligns with the pared-back style of Japanese design. 

You won’t find any feature on the Air Max 97 that doesn’t directly contribute to its performance. The style is scaled-down, and there is not a square inch of excess material to be found. This keeps the shoe lightweight, which means you aren’t held back by anything as you pound the pavement. 

For this reason, many runners consider Air Max 97s to be among some of the best running shoes on the market. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just running for your mental health, give these kicks a try.


Now that you’ve discovered the best features of the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers, are you ready to purchase your own pair?

These shoes are the epitome of design-meets-comfort-meets-function. From the first step, you’ll notice how good they feel on your feet. Then, you’ll discover how supportive and plush they are, and how their lightweight design contributes to your movement. 

Finally, they’re some of the coolest sneakers available, with bold colorways and designs that allow you to express your personal style. When you’re ready, feel free to shop our full Nike Air Max collection to find a new pair!

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