How to fix A Disk Read Error Occurred Windows 10

However, the raw event data can be translated into XML using theWindows Event Log API and forwarded in that format. Click on ‘OK’ and give the custom view a name. Further, click ‘OK’ again to have the windows crash log presented to you. I do not recommend installing a physical server, a virtual server, a physical machine or a virtual machine without 200 gigs of hard drive space.

In the Check File System window, check the “Try to fix errors if found” option. To schedule the volume to be checked the next time the computer is restarted. If you run chkdsk without the /f parameter on an active partition, it might report spurious errors because it cannot lock the drive.

Run SFC Scan

Are you sure you have something valuable to add to revive the existing conversation? Otherwise, please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. Happend to me twice, none of the above and similar metods worked.

  • If you also have plugged in any removable flash drives, unplug them and then try to restart your Windows 10.
  • So do bear in mind that Linux is not always a great choice.
  • It is an entirely safe and useful method for keeping your data better organized on your HDD and improving the overall performance of your laptop.

At first Windows met with little success, but this was also true for most other companies’ efforts as well, for example GEM. After version 3.0, Windows gained market acceptance. From 1983 onwards, various companies worked on graphical user interfaces capable of running on PC hardware.

Clear Download Cache From Steam Games

This report shows the applied configuration states of your device, including Policy CSPSettings, certificates, configuration sources, and resource information. Click the By logoption button to create the custom view by log. Click the downward arrow next to Event logs to open the drop-down list, then select Application, Security and System. To find crash logs in Windows 10, press the Start button, type “reliability,” and then select the “View reliability history” shortcut.

This issue can be occurred if there is issue with hard disk drive/SSD cables connections. To check this, you need to open your PC/laptop CPU case and remove hard disk/SSD cable from its cabinet, check if SATA, ATA cables and hard disk/SSD card is working fine. Now, reconnect your hard disk/SSD cable to your computer and check if the issue is resolved. If you encounter a disk read error occurred on your laptop, read this article patiently to learn effective solutions. You can also get the best software to protect computer system for you.

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